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Kellie Holding’s horse ‘Beavers Silver Pennie’ - Photography by Wild Fillies Photograpahy

I just wanted to say how great I think your product is.

I've been using the Formula 3000 on my pony mare and I've had great results with it. She had been bloated and feeling uncomfortable for weeks because of too much green feed, mainly from turnip. I've been feeding it to her for two weeks now and the change in her attitude has been awesome. I bought home a new mare and I've put her straight on it too.

Michelle - 5/9/15


Your products are totally effective 

I have been using your product G Cure and have found it extremely effective.  My horse 'Rory's Undercover' has not bled since and is at his peak of performance. I think he will dominate his rivals in his race on the 22nd February (2003).

John Farley.


Extract from the Courier Mail, July 1999:

Alan Garland worked tirelessly each day for a month to repair the muscle damage. Ultrasound and long sessions in a magnetic rug helped the curing process. But Garland felt the biggest impact came from a herbal solution given him some time ago by Deagon trainer Tony Green. 

It's called Comfrey Plus and it's used in conjunction with the ultrasound. Give it a rap because it worked wonders with this horse,“ Garland said. 


The power of Glucosamate

As a Natural Therpist for animals, I have had a number of opportunties to use and recommened T V Green’s Glucosamate product. I find it to be very beneficial for all animals, in particular, older dogs, who respond tremendously.

I myself have a 4 year old dog with severe hip dysplasia (she has no hip joint). Since she entered my family at 9 months of age, she has been on the Glucosamate. Her prognosis from the vets was poor (they wanted to put her down), however with regular treatments and dialy Glucosamate, she is still running around, enjoying all the mobility of a normal, healthy dog. In this instance I am using the product to prevent arthritis.

When I recommend Glucosamate, it has been found to improve mobility and reduce pain in all the animals, be they dog, cat or horse. I use Glucosamate to treat symptoms of arthritis, joint injury, poor mobility and pain. 

Louise Hillian (B. App. Sci.), Natural Animal Therapist.

Thank you for the great advice


Thank you for the great advice whenever I ring to discuss my horses.

My thoroughbred gelding has surpassed all expectations after using Formula 3000. A big change in the freedom of his movement has revealed his potential for the High School movements in Dressage.

My 2 year old warmblood colt which lacked condition and energy, has developed into a magnificent individual. He looks like fulfilling my hopes in the Dressage arena.

I have all my horses on Formula 3000 and your Liver Tonic. They love the taste and I have never had to disguise it to get them to eat. – 

Frank Fitchett. 

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