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Red Light Therapy Wrap

Red Light Therapy Wrap System

Red Light Therapy Wrap provides an efficient and time effective therapy modality for professional and recreational horse owners. Therapy Wraps are custom designed to house high quality Red and Infrared LEDs in a soft, flexible neoprene housing. This enables it to be conveniently wrapped around the horse’s leg, or laid out flat over the top line. Handling requires no formal training, you simply place the pad directly over the area to be treated and let it do its work!

The pads can be ordered with the option of battery (lithium ion rechargeable) or mains power operation.


Application Guide

Treatment times with Red Light therapy Wraps vary depending on the condition being treated.

The general rule for the pad usage:

If the pad is wrapped around a limb allow a treatment time of 15 to 20 minutes.

If the pad is laid out flat allow up to 30 minutes per session.

Sessions can be repeated 2 to 3 times a day initially then reduced to an “as needed basis” for best results. The pads come with an easy to use manual as well.


• Arthritis
• Back Pain
• All Joint Pain
• Colic
• Cushings Disease
• Infertility / Cycling
• Skin Conditions
• Laminitis (Founder)
• Viruses
• Navicular Disease
• All Muscular Pain
• Scars
• Poll Tension
• Tendon Sprains
• Shin Soreness
• Performance Enhancement
• Stomach Ulcers

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Red Light Therapy Wrap

Equine Red Light Therapy Poll Cap

Poll Tension Management

Poll tension is a common management issue in horses - especially performance horses. There are many possible origins of tension which are beyond the scope of this article.

Most common symptoms of poll tension are:

• The horse riding heavier on one rein than the other.
• Overly sensitive to touch around the ears or palpation about the poll.
• Difficulty in bridling.
• Resists bending in one direction.
• Stopping at jumps.
• Has a reluctance to step through from behind.


Poll tension often appears as a result of the imbalance somewhere else in the horse. Imagine your horse’s motion as a wave that starts in the hind end and flows through the entire body and neck. You will notice that the poll is the point at which the wave ends. Interruptions at any point along the movement line will ultimately have an effect on the poll. Since your horse’s body works in a way to strive for balance, tight poll muscles can be a secondary issue. It is a red flag for a problem that started somewhere else. The poll area looks relatively small compared to the complete structure of the horse but it plays an important role to the horse's freedom and ease of movement.


How can the Equine Red Light Therapy Poll Cap help?

The Poll Cap is designed to provide a valuable aid in the management of poll tension. Main reason is the strategic placement of the red and infrared LEDs over the acupuncture points, trigger points and common areas of tension throughout the head. Light Therapy is known for its rapid ability to open up circulation, reduce inflammation, increase collagen and ATP production, and release endorphins. All of which offer significant healing benefits for poll tension.

Recommended application time:

A session of 15 to 20 minutes should be enough to provide sufficient therapeutic dose of light energy. Rest assured that no harm can be done if the cap is left on for longer periods of time as the body will only absorb what it needs.

Daily use is recommended when there is a pre-existing issue in the Poll. Otherwise use on an “as needed” basis. Use it best as a pre-exercise treatment or after the horse has cooled down from a work out. Red light treatments are being well acclaimed as an effective pre- and post- performance aid for racing and competition horses.

To find out more, please visit Red Light Therapy website.

First hand Testimonial
"The reason we know this works is because we use the pad on ourselves. If there is a long-standing intermittent problem with our joints or muscular pain, the first thing we reach for is the Red Light Therapy pad. Wouldn't be without it now for either our horses or our own use!"


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