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Red Light Therapy Wrap

Red Light Therapy Wrap System

Red Light Therapy Wrap provides an efficient and time effective therapy modality for professional and recreational horse owners. Therapy Wraps are custom designed to house high quality Red and Infrared LEDs in a soft, flexible neoprene housing. This enables it to be conveniently wrapped around the horse’s leg, or laid out flat over the top line. Handling requires no formal training, you simply place the pad directly over the area to be treated and let it do its work.



Red Light Therapy Wrap

Equine Red Light Therapy Poll Cap

Poll Tension Management

Poll tension is a common management issue in horses - especially performance horses. Most common symptoms of poll tension are:

• The horse riding heavier on one rein than the other.
• Overly sensitive to touch around the ears or palpation about the poll.
• Difficulty in bridling.
• Resists bending in one direction.
• Stopping at jumps.
• Has a reluctance to step through from behind.


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First hand Testimonial
"The reason we know this works is because we use the pad on ourselves. If there is a long-standing intermittent problem with our joints or muscular pain, the first thing we reach for is the Red Light Therapy pad. Wouldn't be without it now for either our horses or our own use!"






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