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Silver Colloid

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Manufactured by Fulhealth Industries Pty Ltd

Following many years of intensive research the company successfully developed a manufacturing process which is able to produce a high quality of Silver Colloid. It has been used worldwide for the sanitation and purification of water.

The concentration of silver content into water that has undergone three purification processes is always between 5mg/L to 10mg/L (1000ml= 1L). 

Each bottle of Silver Colloid indicates the batch number and the precise concentration. 

Please note: As it is not possible to manufacture to a specific pre-determined concentration, any colloidal silver which has a pre-set concentration printed on its label must be considered with caution.

Effectiveness of Silver Colloid:

A true silver colloid is completely safe, non-toxic, tasteless, applicable both externally and internally and can have a broad-spectrum use. It acts as a catalyst, i.e. it does not enter into any chemical reaction with bodily fluids or tissues. It can have a supportive influence on the immune system for better overall health. It has been proven that Silver Colloid has the ability to be effective in the destruction of microbes that cause infectious disorders.

Price $30 per 500ml

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We accept no liability, so it is important to be informed about any banned substances, as well as the correct treatment program for your animal.

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