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It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Tony and Jean Green. They have been at the forefront of my equine treatments since my Bowen therapist recommended them a good 10 years ago.

I have dressage horses and the vet had written off my beautiful boy “Aria” as totally unrideable for the rest of his natural life after sidebone was found in his offside fore at only the relatively youthful age of 7. After 6 months off and Tony Green he was completely sound and has since trained onto Medium. My children are now learning to ride on him and he has spent his life teaching countless others. His mother was my 1st horse so the attachment is forever. Her baby is teaching my babies to ride and this would not be possible without Formula 10.

Tony has helped me with each and every one of my horses and they are kept in great condition due to his amazing formulations. I don’t think there is anything I have struck that he can’t fix (except old age) and he is so approachable. As you know horses can give you the biggest highs and the biggest lows and so I have rung Tony in each and every one of these emotions. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him. He is a very calming influence and so is the beautiful Jean. He will always return your calls the same day and his product will be dispatched the same day as well and he can cope with the crying!

I can’t speak highly enough of this company and these people. The products are exceptional. They have cured everything in my horses from soundness issues to coughs and colds to stomach ulcers just to name a few. I have never had a problem medicating my horses with their products....even the rocket fuel for coughs. They love it! They have the horse’s best interests 100% at heart and they genuinely love their horses. They make great bug spray too! 

People often think the vet should be the 1st port of call and alternative treatments the last, but I am here to tell you I have now changed my mind set on this one. Often the vet’s can’t tell you what’s wrong and it’s becomes an expensive, protracted and often painful (for the horse and owner) process of elimination. In my experience one phone call to Tony can often give you the answer you need or at least set you on the right path until the hair test is complete. The hair tests are unnervingly accurate as I have compared them with vet blood tests in the past. It is an invaluable, uninvasive diagnostic tool that I use with every horse that comes onto the place. 

This is a company of integrity and exceptional customer service that I am proud to be associated with and I wish them all the very best with the launch of their new web site.

Mel Widdis

Fortissimo Freestyles

Written by Jean Green — December 08, 2012


Kathy Heaney:

Hi I have a 2 year old miniature horse filly who seems to have developed a problem with her canter. She seems to canter with a straight back leg i.e. does not bring it underneath her and stretch out. I am kind of thinking stifle lock, even though she does not and has not locked up. I had my equine chiropractor in to check her out and he said that her pelvis was out greatly. He has since put it in. I have her barefoot trimmed and her toes filed off and it seems a bit better but the straight back leg is still going in the canter. She canters fine on a slight slope just seems to do it on a flat surface. I will have the vet look at her soon. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I had a hair test done with her from a company from QLD they said with her feed at present she is virtually toxic. They then suggested to get their feed and she should be ok, but at $863.00 plus for the feed I cannot afford that. Thanks for your help.

December 23 2012 at 09:12 PM

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