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It is well documented that Turmeric, a spice commonly used in curries, has also been used for treating health issues in humans, as well as animals, for centuries.  

We have been trialing Turmeric on and off for some time now with our horses. However we became more interested after research showed that by adding freshly ground black pepper, the curcumin in Turmeric is absorbed more readily in the body, making it therapeutically very effective.   An oil, high in Omega 3 for its anti-inflammatory properties e.g Linseed, Olive or Coconut, was also recommended. 

Since increasing the Turmeric mix in each feed (or over the tongue), we have found that if there is a niggly problem, a horse gets over it quickly, in fact improvement within a day has been possible.

Our findings show that Turmeric, added to diet twice daily (at least),  is a cost-effective, non-drug way to help animals (and humans!) deal with health issues.  In fact my wife and I both take Turmeric and find it helps in relieving general aches and pains.

Some other reported benefits for adding Turmeric to your animal's diet are that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system,boosts enzyme production which helps to reduce toxicity build-up in liver, good for the coat, as a treatment for greasy heel in horses, Queensland Itch, skin conditions, dog mange, laminitis, hoof quality and strength, and is reported to be a substitute for Bute.These are just a few of the great reasons to add Turmeric to an animal's diet.  Just add more to the feed when he has a problem, and reduce it once the problem is resolved. 

Written by Jean Green — June 20, 2015

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