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Turmeric (Curcuma longa) - 5% Curcumin

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Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates and strengthens the immune system.  Its benefits are widely known, and it has been used in treating various health issues for centuries.  

Turmeric is a spice commonly used in curries having a sharp taste and peppery aroma.  

Research and my experience using Turmeric shows that this spice can safely be given to animals and may be helpful in preventing many diseases and relieving painful conditions in the animal.

Benefits of feeding Turmeric -

  • Powerful anti-oxidant 
  • Relieves symptoms of arthritis/joint pain
  • Effective in treating many forms of cancer
  • Boosts enzyme production helping to reduce toxicity build-up
  • Preventative against liver dysfunction
  • Hoof quality and strength is improved
  • Can be effective in cases of founder (laminitis)
  • Helpful in treating greasy heel
  • Improves coat condition
  • Reported to be very good in controlling Queensland Itch in horses, dog mange and skin allergies.

How to feed -

I have found that if you add Turmeric to feed in small amounts animals become used to the taste.  Build up over a couple of weeks to 1 tablespoon twice daily as a maintenance dose.  I have had no problems giving around 2 tablespoons twice daily for horses that have problems.

Add six grinds of black pepper (must be fresh, not in powder form) to each feed.  This makes the Turmeric more easily absorbed.  I like to use an oil high in Omega 3 such as Cold Pressed Olive, Linseed or Coconut Oil.  If you are using a pre-mixed feed that contains a lot of oil, then reduce the amount you give with Turmeric, say to a tablespoon each feed.

I believe it is more effective to feed small amounts of Turmeric mixture during the day rather than a large amount of Turmeric in one feed a day.

Our terms

We are in the business of caring for your horse, so we ask that you check with your equine sporting association or vet when using horse or animal supplements purchased from us.

We accept no liability, so it is important to be informed about any banned substances, as well as the correct treatment program for your animal.

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