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Red Light Therapy Pad

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What we love about the Therapy Pad is its versatility, ease of application and effectiveness. It keeps our horses in good shape and it's satisfying to see them walk out with ease and fluidity after a session with the Red Light Therapy pad. You don't need any formal education to use this, only a knowledge of your horse and his state of being.

We have a couple of horses with early-stage kissing spine, and the pad is applied each morning for 20-30 minutes before they go out to work. It is placed flat over the affected part of the spine and secured to the rug with bulldog clips Their backs are in good shape and both horses work extremely well.

The pad's versatility lies in the fact that it can be wrapped around a leg, anchoring it with the velcro straps provided, When using it around a leg, it is recommended to leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure they are tied up to avoid any nosy interference!!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

• Back Pain
• Colic
• Joint Pain
• Arthritis
• Laminitis or Founder
• Viruses
• Navicular Disease
• Skin conditions
• Infertility/cycling
• Cushings Disease


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Our terms

We are in the business of caring for your horse, so we ask that you check with your equine sporting association or vet when using horse or animal supplements purchased from us.

We accept no liability, so it is important to be informed about any banned substances, as well as the correct treatment program for your animal.

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