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Red Light Poll Therapy Cap

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Does your horse show signs of poll tension?

Symptoms of this issue could be:
• Sensitivity to any touch around ears
• Doesn't like bending head to the side
• Rides heavier on one rein than the other
• Resents being bridled
• Reluctant to step through from behind
• Stops at jumps

The poll area of a horse is so important to the whole movement of the horse. It is a pivotal point for his ease of movement, and the Poll Cap can be a big help in that the red and infrared LEDs placed over the poll area should open up circulation and reduce inflammation to ease his tension.

It can be used before you work your horse and be especially effective before and after competition. Leave it on for 15 or 20 minutes for a good dose of therapeutic light energy.

You can use it on a daily basis if there is a pre-existing condition or use when needed.

Please note postage is included in the cost of this product.

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