Supplements for Horses

Organic Peppermint

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The aroma of peppermint can tempt fussy eaters. It is a digestive tonic, an antiseptic, an antispasmodic and antiulcer remedy.

It can ease bloating and increases the flow of bile from the liver. It relaxes gastrointestinal spasms and tight skeletal muscles. It promotes sweating but is also cooling internally. It can help a colic-prone horse and a horse that is nervous or tense when travelling.

Contains: Peppermint leaves.

Dose: 1 tbs daily (for a 500g horse).

Our terms

We are in the business of caring for your horse, so we ask that you check with your equine sporting association or vet when using horse or animal supplements purchased from us.

We accept no liability, so it is important to be informed about any banned substances, as well as the correct treatment program for your animal.

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